Important gmail tips: How to add email signature to your Gmail account

1.       How to add email signature to your Gmail account?
-    To add the email signature to your outgoing mails just select the option
Settings  -->  General  --> (Scroll the page) select the Signature section.
If you have not enabled the signature then by default the option “No signature” will be selected. To add signature to all outgoing mails please select the email address for which you want to add the email signature. Signature editor (Rich text editor) box is provided just below the dropdown list of email selection. You can create your email signature in that editor window. Lot of options are provided to create the signature like inserting image, font name size color change, inserting your home page link etc. Once you have finished composing the signature save the changes by clicking on the button “Save Changes” provided at the bottom of page. Clicking on cancel button will undo all changes. This signature will be added to your all outgoing mail whenever you click on compose mail button. If you don’t want to send the email signature to particular mails you can simply delete the signature before sending the mail.

How to import all mails, contacts to your Gmail account, from your another email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, webmail, rediff, POP3 mail)?

Gmail provides facility of importing all your emails from other account to Gmail. You can effortlessly import all mails as well as contacts from another account of yours like yahoo, hotmail, AOL, any other webmail or POP3 mail account. What you need to do, is just follow the simple steps given below and in few minutes all emails from your specified account will be imported to Gmail. By this option you can not only import the mails but also all contacts list available in another email account can be successfully imported to your Gmail account.
Just follow the simple steps explained below
1>     Log in to your Gmail account where you want to import the emails from your another email account (e.g. yahoo, hotmail, AOL, web mail or any other pop3 mail etc)
2>     Just select the settings option provided on top right corner of your account. As shown in below image.

3>     After selection of “Settings” option, the settings page will be opened in your browser window.  Just select the third tab “Accounts and imports”.  Following tab will be displayed as shown below.

5>     Click on the link “Import mail and contacts” as shown in above image, this action will open new window in which you will prompted to enter your email id. Please enter your email id in the input box provided and click on continue. (Please don’t enter another Gmail id here as emails can’t be imported from one Gmail account to another Gmail account). Once your email address is validated, you will be asked to enter the password of that account. The password is required to get access to your emails and contacts and Gmail will never store your password permanently. Once you enter correct password and click on the continue button. The new window will appear showing what items to be imported. (Please refer image given below).

6>     Depending on your requirement you can import contacts, mails. Also you can automatically label the imported mails. You just need to select the appropriate checkboxes as demonstrated in below image.
7>     Once required options are selected you can trigger the import process just by clicking on the button “Start import” and successfully all your mails and contacts will be imported and also the imported mails shall be labeled as “Name given by you in label textbox” (Please refer above image). If you want to continue importing mails from your account to your Gmail account this task can be accomplished by selecting the third checkbox “Import new mail for next 30 days” (Please refer above image).

Download the latest free VLC media player.

Download the latest free VLC media player.

It has many excellent features. Basically it is freely available so you don’t need to pay a single penny for downloading this media player software. It’s cross platform multimedia player hence it can be installed on any operating system. You just to need to choose the appropriate download file depending on the Operating system installed on your machine.

Significant features of VLC media player
-          Freely available, Cross platform media player.
-          Plays almost all multimedia file types in addition to DVD, VCD, CD and other input devices.
-          Software download size is not more than 20 Mb. Easy to install and download.
-          Comparatively it is faster than other media player with user friendly interface and controls.
-          Plays most codec, so it hardly requires additional codecs.
-          Supported file types in VLC media player are( MPEG-1/2, DIVX (1/2/3), MPEG-4 ASP,  DivX 4/5/6, XviD, 3ivX D4 , H.261, H.263 / H.263i, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC , Cinepak , Theora  
,Dirac / VC-2  , MJPEG (A/B)      ,WMV 1/2      ,WMV 3 / WMV-9 / VC-1 1      ,Sorenson 1/3 (QuickTime)      ,DV (Digital Video)      ,On2 VP3/VP5/VP6      ,Indeo Video v3 (IV32)      ,Indeo Video 4/5 (IV41, IV51)      ,Real Video 1/2      ,Real Video ¾ ).

To download this VLC media player for Windows operating system visit the URL
 VLC media player for windows  after visiting this web page. Just click on the appropriate download button. Also it is open source software hence its source code is also available which can also be downloaded from link Download source code of VLC media player  which is around 17 MB.

For downloading the VLC player for other operating system please visit the link VLC media player downloads     Download VLC media player for Linux and other OS.

How to see the your blog/website stats or Visitor details

Tracking the visitors of your blog or website is quite easier, by seeing all visitors statistic, you will know what is the source link that redirected visitor to your blog or website, the time when the user visited your website/blog whatever may be the location of user all over the world, how many and which pages he or she browsed from your website all such information can be retrieved by following simple steps given below. In short, if you want get your blog’s / website’s visitor statistics can be obtained by just pasting the small JavaScript code on your blog page or website page.

Just follow the steps given below

- Visit the URL and follow the registration process (there are couple of other websites which provides free visitor analysis of your website/blog. But is quite good option among them )

- Once registered, Log in using your credentials, you will be redirected to your users home page

- Select the “Add project” option from the menu bar

- A new window will open in which you will have to fill the basic information about your website or Blog, and what kind of reports you want i.e. weekly or monthly etc

- After this what you need to do is “Add the JavaScript code” on webpage or blog whose visitor statistics you want to see.

- If you have any doubts about adding JavaScript code to your blogger blog then please go through this installation guide the complete steps of installation of JavaScript code in your blogger blog are given along with proper diagrams. So you won’t find any difficulty in installing the JavaScript code.

- Still you have any more doubt then please raise the customer support ticket on using this URL ( Shortly the customer support person will get back to you with appropriate solution.

There are lots of advantages of obtaining the statistics information of your website / blog. This analysis information can be retrieved using JavaScript code application code which is generated by and also this code is specific to your website/blog only. The visitors analysis information will be really helpful to improve the performance of your website. By this statistics you will know which webpage from your website has most visitors, popular pages/ articles or frequently browsed pages. The source of incoming link whether the users are getting your website link from the search engine or some other source, this information will particularly help you to make your website/ blog search engine optimized.

Apart from this you can see pie chart or bar chart reports of complete list of visitor to your website or blog. This graphical analysis helps you to see how many users visit your website daily, weekly or monthly and on an average how much time they spend browsing your website/ blog.

How to add standalone pages to blogger blog

Now you can add static pages to your blog. Its quite simple. Just follow the steps given below and static pages designed by you will be easily added to your blog.

1> Login to your blogger account.
2> Click on the link "Settings" of the blog in which you want to add the standalone pages like about me page, contact me page etc
3>  Then click on the "Posting" Tab , Select the option "Edit pages" as shown in below image

4> The button "New Page" is provided to add the new page to the blog, once you click on the button the new page will be added below the button as shown above.

5> You can see in above blog the three pages are added to blog i.e. Recent posts, Contact me, and About me.

6> To add or edit the contents of this page you can select the link "Edit"

7> If you have any more doubts or need help please mail me.

Get free Antivirus software

Looking for free antivirus software then AVG antivirus is good option, besides this AVG is freely available no cost is involved for trial version. Even after trial period is over, it provides you Basic antivirus protection and keeps the viruses away from your machine.

AVG offers free download and 30 day trial.

It has many good features like

- Firewall which acts as shield for hackers.
- Provides blocking against spammers.
- Link scanning.
- Prevents automatic installation of malicious codes or software.
- Keep your machine free from remote wireless attacks.
- Blocking of viruses and spying software.
- Enables you to have secure chat.
- Before downloading it inspects the contents or files to be downloaded for viruses. Etc
To download the software just visit the link this will take you to antivirus download page. The download link is given at bottom of website. Just click on “Download” button to get the free AVG antivirus software.

For details refer the below image

Get detail information about the visitors of your blog

Now you can track the visitors of your blog. You can see following information about the visitor

- The pages visited by user.
- The referral link of website.
- Date and time of visit.
- Page views of your blog.
- Graphical analysis of visits.
- Operating system and browser information about the visitors.
- Country from where visitor accessed your blog.

And many other details.

What you need to do is

- Log in to your blogger account

- And select the options “Stats” of the blog then you will be able to see details of visitors to your blog.

Please refer below image for more details

Why you should not save passwords in firefox web browser

If you are accessing internet from public computer or from internet cafe, or from your college , or from office and if you are using the firefox web browser then dont save the passwords on it as your saved passwords can be viewed easily by users having access to that computer or laptop.

Please refer below image for more details. See how easily can anybody see your saved passwords by few clicks. To avoid this just select the option

"Never save password for this website" whenever password save prompt appears on the screen.

why should you take the backup of your blog before making any design changes

This article describes why you should take the back up of your blog before making any permanent design changes or any other changes to your blog.

Suppose you want to change the headline or title of your blog or want to add image to background of your blog title or want to change the positions of gadgets present on the blog.
Then before doing any such changes it is advised to take the back up of your blog. The backup of blog will help you in future to undo all unwanted changes done to your blog and restore your blog to original state.

Free blog translation gadget from Google

Let your blog readers to browse your blog in their native language with Language translation gadget from Google. what you need to do is simply add the Google language translation gadget's code to your blog.

visit the link  to get the translation gadget's code.

Once this gadget is added successfully to your blog, visitors of your blog shall be able to read the blog in any language provided in translator gadget's list.

Complete steps of "how to add the Language translator gadget to your blog are given on above link.